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Our science-validated assessments and AI tools empower workers and help businesses flourish.

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KnowMeQ is the first workforce HR solution to provide science-validated Adaptability Quotient scores (AQ).

Digital Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving
Each of these assessments are integrated into KnowMeQ’s proprietary AQ index.
We enable businesses to:

Workforce Assessment

Know their workforce better than ever before.

Career Management

Guide careers with continuous, whole-person employee assessments.


Hire with optimal candidate understanding.

Promotion & Retention

Promote from within - with evidence.


Save money at each stage of the Employee Life Cycle.

Our Organizational Wisdom EngineTM helps workforces bolster their ability to adapt and thrive in the rapidly-changing now.

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The global workforce faces tensions, shortages and uncertainty.


52% of all workers in OECD countries do not have the functional literacy skills to meet the demands of their job.


80% of Canadian manufacturers are facing immediate skilled labour shortages, amplified throughout the pandemic.


300 million jobs will be significantly disrupted by Generative AI.

Employers need workers who are adaptable.

Workers who are able to:
Up-skill to meet the changing workplace landscape.

Workers need adaptable career solutions.

Solutions with the ability to:
Provide valid measures of their skills today and paths to tomorrow.
Empower them on their journey.
Respect that there is more to a person than one measure.
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KnowMeQ® answers both calls.

KnowMeQ illuminates the possibilities
of where I can go next.

Future-enable your company.

KnowMeQ is working with North American companies in Winter 2024 on beta projects. Schedule a call to join the pilot program.
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